Paul Sowinski – Bass

At the tender age of 7, a life-changing moment unfolded before my eyes as I watched the Beatles on TV.

Paul Sowinski

Mesmerized by the adoration and frenzy of their fans, a spark ignited within me, and I knew in that instant – “That’s what I want to do.” Immersing myself in the Beatles’ music, I played their recordings until the LPs wore out.

My musical journey took flight in middle school, where I spearheaded garage bands with like-minded peers armed with guitars, drums, and a shared passion for music. Through mutual self-teaching and dedication, we mastered tunes by iconic artists such as Alice Cooper, Steppenwolf, Beatles, and ZZ Top, captivating audiences at dances and church picnics. Transitioning from guitar to bass in high school opened a new musical realm for me, introducing me to the enchanting world of jazz bands and the intricate arrangements of maestros like Sammy Nestico and Lovell Ives. This pivotal shift marked my foray into note reading and music theory, setting the stage for my musical evolution.

Driven by an insatiable thirst for growth, I honed my musical abilities through continual practice beginning with self-instruction in garage bands to seeking out professional instruction and mentors throughout my entire career. I earned my teaching certification in music education while being classically trained on upright bass, actively participating in collegiate jazz and concert bands, the Green Bay Symphony, and even a stint performing with the Green Bay Packer Band. I seized every opportunity I could to expand my musical horizons, building on the solid foundation laid to launch my future endeavors.

Balancing academic pursuits with a thriving gig schedule…

I embraced every chance to showcase my versatility as a bassist across various genres – from theater and experimental music to bluegrass, country, and R&B. This eclectic journey sculpted my skills and equipped me with the confidence to seamlessly navigate diverse musical terrains.

As an educator, I’ve imparted the gift of music to budding talents at elementary and middle school levels, fostering a love for music through engaging band programs and private lessons in guitar, bass, violin, and mandolin. My musical footprint extends beyond the classroom, encompassing collaborations on numerous recordings, professional theater productions, and exhilarating tours through exotic locales.

Embracing the thrill of collaboration, I find solace in weaving intricate bass lines into others’ compositions, a testament to my adaptability and musical finesse. From sharing stages with legendary acts like Kansas, REO Speedwagon, and Tower of Power to nurturing enduring bonds with fellow musicians in The Peacekeepers, each musical encounter enriches my journey and fuels my passion for continuous growth.

With an unwavering commitment to musical excellence, I stand poised to embark on new musical odysseys, driven by a profound love for an art form that transcends boundaries and unites souls through the universal language of music.