Tony Bessen – Guitar

Tony Bessen, guitar player with Dorothy Scott and the Peacekeepers

When I was about 5 years old, I would sit and listen to my mom’s tapes endlessly.

I also learned how to record on the old tape player and listen to playbacks. From that point on, I was hooked. Music was my love. My favorite music growing up, was anything with big guitars, I loved Bad Company, ZZ Top, Pink Floyd, Kiss, Skid Row, and the list goes on and on.

I never took music lessons, but I learned a lot from my Grandma Dorothy. She was an organist at church, and did all the transposing, arranging, and writing for the local church group. My father and his love for athletics put a damper on my music pursuit. He made sure I had a golf club or a ball in my hands at all times.

Tony Bessen, high school football team

I wanted a guitar since age 5 and finally got one at age 16…

never turning back from that moment. I love music so much that I can’t point out any instances or accomplishments that stand out from others. Sometimes, it’s the small, behind-the-scenes occurrences that have the greatest overall impact on one’s trajectory.

I really don’t have a songwriting process.

Tony Bessen's notes

A lot of the time, a sound or mood will spark an idea often coming from somewhere else. Our being alone makes us unique. Different experiences in life, and a soul’s evolution molds whatever flows from our fingers and mouths. Every approach is unique to the individual, all equally amazing.

If I could go back in time and share the stage with anyone, I would love to play a song with my grandma Dorothy on organ and my mom strumming the few chords she knew on an acoustic guitar. That would be awesome. Marching forward, my only goal in music is to bring happiness to myself and to any soul that is touched by a note that I play. I’m here to bring joy to the world and to help us grow individualy and collectively! Sending love to all!