An accomplished singer/songwriter, guitarist and producer, Dorothy Scott has recently developed the “Peace Within” project with co-founder/manager Terry Lundahl.

The mission of this project was to strengthen and support independent, community radio stations across the country. 

On June 23, 2001, I met my best friend. It all started with Dr. Bronner Soaps founder, Ralph Bronner coming to the 3rd Ave Playhouse in Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin on vacation with his wife. While on vacation, he came to hear Julian Hagen perform. I was the director of the theater at the time. Long story short, he loved the little theater and wanted to help raise funds. A month later, brought a singer, song-writer by the name of Dorothy Scott from NYC to the theater to perform. He paid her airfare and artist fee and the theater would keep the ticket prices generated from her performance.

Little did I know at the time that we would become work partners and best friends. The theater raised over $5,000 with her performance. The dark picture is of me, watching her perform for the first time in the dark theater. I was awe-struck with her music, her vulnerability and her honesty. After two years of staying in contact, I left the theater and became her road manager and was able to tour the U.S with her. I witnessed her performing in NYC and with many of the great musical artists like Earth, Wind, and Fire, and Carole King just to name a few. It was truly a rewarding experience.

After 8 years, we changed roles. The first thing we did was to start the “Peace Within Project” (her idea), a media reform program for public radio. We toured again and met amazing people. After that, we started a program called Art for Health for Children, and LEAP the Human Kindness Project, along with directing the Peg Egan PAC, and being the program director for the Southern Door Auditorium.

Dorothy became not only my right hand girl but a creative force that pushed me beyond any limits. Together we developed programs that I feel had such a positive impact on our community. Our work together through the years have been delightful and challenging. We worked hard. Through the years, we have maintained a friendship of give and take. When my husband had open heart surgery, she was the first one to give up her projects and take care of our homestead while he was getting back on his feet. I am forever grateful for her friendship and loyalty throughout the years. I might add that while I was taking care of Paul after his surgery, during the pandemic and lost my mainstay job and started painting, it was Dorothy that said, “you are a wonderful artist. Keep going.” Ha! The first painting I did was horrible but she would never let me quit. She pushed and pushed. Grateful!

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